Welcome to PEACH!

A Housing Cooperative in Providence, RI

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Who We Are

PEACH (originally called Brown Association for Cooperative Housing, or BACH) was created in 1970 as an intentional community based on the idea of synergy. 

Today, PEACH consists of three houses: Watermyn (one of the original BACH houses), 400 Angell, and 169 Waterman. We have approximately 30 members. PEACH is a registered nonprofit organization that is supported by NASCO, a national cooperative housing organization.


Our Community

PEACH is based around the ideas of cooperation and mutual support. Our members believe that we can get more out of our lives by working together. Our co-ops are places to study, to meet people, to party, to sleep, to begin friendships, to fall in love, to learn from others, and to learn about yourself. 

Our community accepts people from all different backgrounds. Our residents include local workers and artists, students from local universities, and several chickens. We are LGBTQ+ friendly.

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Benefits of Living in PEACH

Democratic Decision-making

In our community, every voice is heard in the decision-making process. As a co-op, we have lots of flexibility to design our community to reflect our values. Our community is constantly evolving to meet the needs of each of our members.

Creative Atmosphere and Events

Many of our members are local artists or musicians. Our community tends to be very creative, and we often spend time together creating art, jamming to music, or attending local events.

Equitable Division of Labor

As a co-op, we are all expected to contribute labor to keep our community running. However, we believe that sharing responsibilities takes the burden off the individual, and frees up time for other activities. We work together on maintenance projects, house upkeep, PEACH rules, recruiting, and more.


We are a tight-knit community. We have weekly events including game nights, community dinners, music nights, parties (when there isn't a pandemic!), and house trips. We spend a lot of our time together, and we support each other during the good and the bad.



How is the co-op structured?

We have about 30 members. From these members, we select a PEACH Board every 4 months that deals with higher-level decision making, such as bylaws, admissions processes, etc. Additionally, there are two Housing Coordinators that deal with day-to-day tasks, such as managing maintenance projects, rent collection, communicating with NASCO, etc. The general body of members votes on the decisions of the board and on issues facing the co-op. In every decision, the feedback of the members is encouraged.

What are the expectations of members?

Members are expected to participate fully in the co-op. This means attending weekly PEACH meetings and house meetings, voting on proposed changes, contributing to the upkeep of the houses, and participating in maintenance projects. We also hope that members will want to attend community events and participate in the fun!

How do I get involved?

We formally recruit members during July. However, you can contact us at providenceeastcoop@gmail.com to see if there are current vacancies, subletting opportunities, or just to join our interest list. In normal years, we would also have events that are open to non-members so that you can get involved without living within the house.

How have things changed during the pandemic?

All of our houses have established their own policies to keep members safe. This usually includes frequent testing, minimal guests, and masks. Most of our events were house-wide rather than PEACH-wide or open to non-members. However, as the situation changes and vaccines become more widespread, these policies will likely change, and we hope to have more open events soon!


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